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Thank you for visiting the website of the unofficial Pearson 31 Owners Group. This site is a resource for all Pearson 31 owners and their friends and loved ones. Note that this site is intended for both P-31 and P-31 II owners.


It might also be useful for owners of other Pearson sailboats and their friends and loved ones. Conceivably, people who just like to sail might find something interesting here.


If you are interested in visiting this site to collect names and contact information to spam people or otherwise promote your wares, you’ve come to the wrong place. The only promotion allowed on this site is self-promotion, e.g., related to the successful completion of maintenance projects, difficult passages, or other such accomplishments.



There are a number of planned capabilities on the unofficial Pearson 31 Owners Group website. Some of these capabilities are available today and others will be rolled out over time. If you have any technical abilities and would like to assist in feature development or maintenance, please contact the site administrator.


v      Discussion Boards – contains bulletin boards on many subjects related to the P31. If you’re new to the Discussion Boards, you should sign up for an account.


v      Owner’s List – the Owner’s List contains the hull number, year, owner’s name, and home port of P31 owners. If you are not on the Owner’s List and should be, please e-mail the pertinent information to the site administrator.


v      NPYOA – this is the site of the National Pearson Yacht Owners Association. The unofficial Pearson 31 Owners Group is in no way related to the NPYOA (except for the fact that some of us are members).


v      Pearson 31 Info – these sections of Dan Pfeiffer’s website site contains technical information on the original Pearson 31 (1979 - 1982) and the Pearson 31-2 (1987 - 1991) models.



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